Friday, March 24, 2017

Stash Bee Finish - Get Your Glasses Out!

I'm just going to make your eyes bleed from colour're welcome..mwahahaha

I've got commitments up the wazoo so I will make this short
and sweet

The quilt is part me and part Stash Bee Hive #6 2016, thankyou girls I absolutely love it!!

The link to the tutorial post I did for Stash Bee is here and the original version by Ara Jane from is here

 With all that headache inducing colour on the front I chose a black and white square print for the back

 Sandra from Wise Owl Quilting used a really cool variegated thread in a geometric interlocking rectangular all over panto....say that sentence really fast!!!

Last of my Summer anenomes look great against a squished up to the spa now with a gazillion colour catchers.

Linking up the love while Amanda Jean is on Spring Break with Myra for Finished or not Friday and Shelley who's hosting TGIFF